Web 2.0 Link Building Service at Affordable Price

Web 2.0 Link Building Service at Affordable Price

Hand Made Web 2.0 Link Building Service at 100% Manual Effort

Supernatural and hand- made Web 2.0’s with unique/ premium quality spun articles are still effective in 2019 for both Local Business sites and blogs in tier 2/3.
Look, this is not an agency but Its where I maintain the ultimate quality to shape everything as natural as possible.

Keeping in mind that you already know what are the Web 2.0s, I am assuring you that, I make all types of contents manually that are required to build Web 2.0s and publish content with proper optimization of On-Page terms.

So, Let’s Show You What I’m Going to Provide on this Web 2.0 link Building Service:

  • Natural-looking dedicated Web 2.0 sites with professional design and required customization.
  • 4+ Pages including Home, About, Contact Us and Privacy Policy.
  • Professional Logo, Header, Banner, Favicons and Feature Images with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Unique or Spun articles (Spun with premium spinner: Spin Rewriter.) As these are for tier2/ 3, we can use either standard quality manually written content or spun articles.
  • Embedded Google Maps with highlighting driving direction especially for Local Businesses.
  • Video embedding inside the articles.
  • Making sure that, all Web 2.0s are properly indexed naturally, not forcedly.
  • Making sure that, all Web 2.0s are made from that same IP location of the desired country.
  • Professional report with 100% accessible log- in credentials so you can maintain the sites later if you want.

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Won’t you check my previously done works as examples?
Without contents: Just designed with multiple pages:
A Set of Handmade Branded Web 2.0s:
– https://jmlifestyles.home.blog/

With contents: Especially for Local Businesses:

To Order Now, Please Contact Me


Will I be able to modify or post new content to my Web 2.0s?

Yes, definitely! You’ll have full access to each Web 2.0 site so you can make changes whatever you want then.

Will I need to provide email, keywords or logos?

You can provide but if you don’t want then I can manage these myself.
However, I will ask you to give the targeted keywords or suggestions of your desired keywords for injecting to the Web 2.0s.

How will you manage the contents?

I create unique content myself for both local and branded Web 2.0s.
My content includes short text paragraphs, images, videos, infographics, maps, quotations and much more. I always try to make each site look natural.

Do you use spun articles?

No, generally I am not used to publishing spun articles. My all-time go-to method is with unique content.

When do you use the spun articles?

I use the spun articles only when I understand that you have a clear idea about tier-based link building and you also understand that If we use spun articles on tier 2 or tier 3, it won’t affect any of our Web 2.0 sites.

How will I pay you for orders?

Well, I’ll send you invoices in detail with each work reports according to your order. Then you can pay me with your debit/ credit/ visa or master card. If you haven’t any of these we’ll discuss it via skype, hangout (iammahiuddin@gmail.com) or messenger.